Beet-Up for Donuts

May 28, 2009 at 2:40 pm

At least some will Beet-up with us this Saturday (and take in all the Go Green activities at the Oak Park Farmer’s Market) for the chance to meet your fell eat local fans.  Then, there will be the folks in it for the donuts.  And here’s an important note to you. 

You may believe that the best time to get your donuts is right when the market opens, at 8 AM.  Wrong.  I got news for you.  The earliest donuts are not the best.  See, those donut volunteers have been slaving away in the Pilgrim Church basement for a long while before you even show up.  You may get some fine donuts in the 8 AM line, and also believe me, that will be an 8 AM line, but they may not be the most ooziest, freshest donuts at the market.  Nope.  Around 930 when we are starting to Go Green and Beet-Up, the earliest donuts will be gone.  Instead, that crew will now be in fever pitch, cranking out donuts as fast as they can.  And you my friends, you who wait until then, will benefit from nice hot donuts.

NB: The donuts come in three flavors: plain, powdered and with cinnamon sugar.  There is, however,  no such thing as a totally hot powdered donut as the donuts need to cool enough before they can get their white coating.

Besides the donuts, Melissa starts her kid-friendly demonstrations at 9 AM.  Meet your fellow local food fans.  Compare shopping notes.  Discuss storage and preservation.   Get inspired to eat local.  Stick around to join us for lunch afterwards at Marion St. Cheese Market in Oak Park at around 1145.  Beet-up!

The Oak Park Market is on Lake Street between Elmwood and Scoville.  Details here.

Marion St. Cheese Market is at 100 S. Marion, Oak Park, IL