Beet-Up for Eggs

May 26, 2009 at 4:00 pm

Amongst the items you will find when you Beet-Up with us this Saturday at the Oak Park Farmer’s Market are fresh, organic eggs.  Dennis and Emily Wettstein run quite the organic outfit in Central Illinois, growing their own feed and raising cows, pigs, lambs and chickens, plus quite a menagerie that’s not for eating.  Denizens of the Oak Park Market benefit from the eggs their hens lay.  The Wettsteins sell them in two sizes but many colors (one of mine from last week was about as blue as a robin’s egg.)  When they can get them, the Wettstein’s also sell duck eggs. 

There are, of course, two key reasons for getting eggs at the farmer’s market.  First, you will be introduced to eggy taste you did not knew existed.   Second, and maybe just as vital, these hens were treated in ways that are clean, healthy, safe, and most of all humane.  You should not want your eggs any other way.  Farm eggs, just one of the reasons to Beet-Up with us this Saturday at the Oak Park Farmer’s Market.

Meet your fellow local food fans.  Get inspired to eat local.  The Oak Park Market is on Lake Street between Elmwood and Scoville.  Details here.

At 1130, we will head to Marion St. Cheese Market at 100 S. Marion, Oak Park, IL for a local based lunch.