I Blew It

May 23, 2009 at 9:11 am

Rob Gardner

“But we got apples!”

“Now you’re trying to provoke me”

Thus we spoke as we returned to our car after the first Oak Park Farmer’s Market of the year.  It did not matter that we got two day fresh chevre from Prairie Fruit Farm, and believe me the lower the number on chevre, the higher the deliciousness; two kinds of bread from Red Hen, two kinds of herbs from Vicki’s Genesis Growers, and one kind of egg from Dennis Wettstein although my wife wanted two kind of eggs, wanting their duck egg sign to be more accurate.  We did not walk out of the market with strawberries.

At the entrance to the market, Walt Skibbes’ workers unloaded quart after quart of deep red strawberries to a hell of a lot of other shoppers who also showed up pretty much at market open.  So many people that the donut line stretched too far for my tastes.  But I was not convinced that the line was too long for strawberries.  I said, and we have a Bat Mitzvah to go to soon, so there was built in constraints anyways, “a quick loop and we’ll get the strawberries on the way out.”  “Won’t squish ‘em,” I justified my dawdling.

Thank God for Molly the Eat Local Dog.  I bet in the old days we would have finished the services and then hit somewhere for lunch, something more satisfying for it being nearby than for its tastiness, let alone its localness.  Now, we’ll return home to keep Molly company.  We will partake on very fresh goat cheese.  Two kind of bread.  And apples.  ‘Cause I blew it.