What Kind of Shopper Will You Be with This Local Calendar

May 22, 2009 at 8:08 am

Rob Gardner

A few weeks ago, Michael, Melissa and I gave a talk to students at North Park College.  Michael addressed the nagging question of local food costs by noting that he spent less money because he at all of his local food.  He said that he and his wife treasured their CSA box enough to make sure that each morsel got eaten.  By doing this, he kept his costs under control.  You may be a shopper like Michael, getting just enough that you need this week (or more accurately making do with whatever you get this weekend).  Or you may be a local shopper like me.

You may find that Beth at Green Acres still has some fiddleheads and gosh darn you’ve always wanted to try fiddleheads.  The first of the year strawberries will be so tempting.  Sorrel seems like a unique spring treat, so you’ll have to try.  Will it later matter that you find it so sour you’ll have no idea what to do with it?  On the other hand, you’ll have paid so much for the morels, you will find a way to use them no matter what.  You heard about some new Wisconsin cheese, help yourself.  If you are like me, you’re not saving money by being judicious.  By Menu Monday you will be scrambling to figure out how to use it all, and by next week’s Local Calendar, you will be inspired to do it all over again.

Which kind of shopper will you be?

When you go to the Local Beet’s Market Finder today, tomorrow or Sunday, you will see a lot more greens and yellows than before.  A green will mean a market open today.  A yellow will mean a market open in the next couple of days (i.e., check today for your weekend shopping).    We should color code shoppers too.

What other eat local activities will you do?

You have next week’s Beet-Up to look forward to at the Oak Park Farmer’s Market.  Come meet-up with your fellow local food fans and also enjoy the Go Green Activities at the Oak Park Market on May 30, including demo’s from the Beet’s Sustainable Cook, Melissa Graham. 

But you want this week, right?  How about Local Beet Contributor Pat Sheerin and four other Chefs treating heritage pig for a good cause this Sunday at the Drake Hotel?  BTW, you have until noon today to write Helen a 200 word piggy love-letter to win tickets for the event, although our friend Seth thinks he has it in the bag already.

Another thing for this Sunday, U of I Extension-Winnebago County invites you to a tour of several farms in Northwest Illinois.

Don’t have your own garden, live vicariously through the garden of locavore chef Sarah Stegner.

Take time to bid on a chef to benefit George and Swan Creek Farm.


May 30 – Beet-up/Go Green Day at Oak Park Farmer’s Market

June 7 – 12th Street Beach Clean Up & Water Testing with Chicago Green Families

July 16 – Green City Market BBQ

August 26 – Slow Food Chicago Eat-in at Daly Plaza

Let us know what’s missing.  And what kind of shopper you are.