Local Links on Wednesday

May 20, 2009 at 9:58 am

Rob Gardner


The biggest big news in local food, in Illinois at least, the State Senate passed the Illinois Local Food, Farms and Jobs Act.  A few more procedural steps and this bill will be law in Illinois, helping to enhance or nascent local food systems.  There are many, many responsible for this, but special shout-outs should go to Evanston’s Debbie Hillman and farmer-turned activist, Jim Braun.

But wait, in other big news, as reported on the Beet last night, Illinois just passed the law allowing for commercial composting.  Can we work on curbside pick-up next?

There’s still a couple of tickets available for tonight’s Swan Creek benefit at Goose Island.  Don’t be left out.  I’ll be there.  Call 312.951.0071 for reservations.

You don’t need a reservation to Beet-Up with us on May 30, Oak Park Farmer’s Market, around 1030 AM, but we’d like to get a count of how many people will join us for lunch at Marion Street Cheese.

You don’t need reservations to attend the Eli’s Cheesecake Farmer’s Market, but if you come after lunch you will find an outstanding lecture series on local foods.  The full Eli’s schedule is here.

Helen’s not the only one into backyard chickens.

Show your love for Wisconsin cheese on Facebook.

Il Maestro talking local food in Toronto (where they have some great composting programs too!)

They’re eating local in Syracuse!  And South JerseyToronto!  In about the tropics.  Even Anchorage, AKHere’s an outstanding repository of local eating for the Upper Midwest.

Dan Barber and others talks about it being hip in NYC (via).

Eat local livermush.  I guess that’s what they did in North Carolina and maybe a livermush renaissance is on the way.

David Tamarkin believes we need to ban our labels.  Do we?

And for all the trends in locavore living La Vida Locavore and Civil Eats.


Time Out makes me very hungry with an article on collaborations between farms and restaurants.

Write Helen your best ode to a fictional pig for 2 tickets to the Cochon 555 event this Sunday. 

Eat local cheese: Sula samples the magical cheese from Saxony of WI.

And keep an eye on Ellen’s new blog.

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