Late Day Links

May 14, 2009 at 7:46 pm

Rob Gardner

The editorial schedule for this week had Thursday as the day we printed the Local Mom’s blessing of Local Daughter, but given that this printing needs special editorial care (as in you better let me see it before you hit post kinda family harmony care), it never got done.  Instead, late in the day, barely hours before the Local Calender will appear, we’re giving you some extra linky love. 

Did any of you see the Sun Times re–print of Hat Hammond’s canning article yesterday?  Well, we forgot to put our little editorial note that originally ran with the article when we ran it in the Beet.  A chef friend was a bit concerned that we were giving canning a bad name.  Janet, at the Sun Times, kindly addressed the issue on her blog.

Yesterday’s links on the Lays go local was just, well what’s the expression, you cannot stop eating ‘em, and bloggers could not stop laying in to Frito-Lay.  Has local jumped the shark?  Or just miss it.  The very smart, Rob Smart tells you why Lay’s won’t be the last to touch this topic.

The Swan Creek Benefit we’ve mentioned has gotten a lot more interesting.  Several chefs have agreed to auction off their services.  Use Twitter Search #scf for more info.

Anything else need to be covered?