It’s Local Day Linky Wednesday

May 13, 2009 at 9:41 am

Rob Gardner

Today’s a day when the Local Beet is not your sole source for local food info in Chicago. 

Both the Sun Times and the Trib publish farmer’s market’s directories today.  Do they have all the markets as we do in our market finder?  More importantly, our finder will be updated all season.

The Sun Times talks CSAs (although they should have pointed you here to find Chicago area CSAs), has a pretty decent seasonality guide, and features the outstanding writing found first in the Local Beet.

At the Tribune, Monica Eng is still on the food beat, providing 13 useful tips on how to shop best a farmer’s market.  If I’d had seen her the other day like I was supposed to, I would have mentioned a few more strategies.  First, be patient and be a good listener.  It does not take much to engage a farmer, and before you know it, your quick trip to the market’s lasted an hour.  Yet this yields my second pointer; build a relationship.  You will be rewarded.  Perhaps it is the box of black walnuts that “did not seem enough to put out.”  Perhaps it’s the extra box of party goodies like my farmer friend provided me this weekend.  Take advantage of market shopping.

Here’s another set of farmer’s market tips.

Helen’s not the only Chicken Lady.

The topic du semaine in the local food world is potato chips.  Here or here for background, but for full ire, go to Twitter search.

Our friends at La Vida Locavoe point us to this manifesto from one of our local heroes, Will Allen.  Our friend Lee Z also has it covered.

Were not we once talking about Wisconsin blue cheeses?  Here’s a list of some of the best.

Remember me mentioning June, the hottest restaurant to hit Peoria?  Well, its got some national exposure.

A bunch of partners in local crime, including one across the lake.