Beet-Up with Us, May 30; Oak Park Farmer’s Market

May 13, 2009 at 10:00 pm

I have come to realize that perhaps Evanston’s is a better market, but Oak Park remains my home and my home market and my favorite market.  It is not just donuts but its a buyers market.  The farmers come prepared.  We have come prepared.  May 30 (a Saturday), we are holding our first ever Beet-Up; i.e., a meet up for fans of local foods.  May 30 is also Go Green Day at the Oak Park Farmer’s Market, and we are especially proud that the Sustainable Cook, Melissa Graham, will be leading child friendly activities from 9 until 11:30.

What else goes on at a Beet-up you ask?  Well, honestly, we are not quite sure as we have never gone to one either.  Our basic idea is that we will shop together, listen to the farmers talk together, compare notes on rhubarb and asparagus together, maybe have some coffee and donuts together.  When we tire of our company, we can always check out the blue grass musicians.  And play with the kids with Melissa.  At around 11:30, we will leave the market and go to lunch at Marion Street Cheese Market in Oak Park.  If you cannot meet-up at the market, you can still meet for lunch.  You are free to come to the market as early as 7 AM, but expect to meet me and others (aside from Melissa) starting at around 10:30).

Feel free to ask questions and otherwise discuss.

The Oak Park Market is on Lake Street between Elmwood and Scoville.  Details here.

Marion St. Cheese Market is at 100 S. Marion, Oak Park, IL

*Note, while it is possible to walk from the market to Marion St. Cheese, it is not a short walk.  Also, the Oak Park market is very accessible to the Green Line El.  Ample parking available for the market.



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