No Look Back Menu Monday

May 11, 2009 at 10:18 am

Rob Gardner

Menu Monday’s are usually about looking back as much as looking to the week ahead.  Not this time.  No big Friday night Shabbat dinner providing a week’s worth of leftovers.  No languid Sunday lunch pretending to be a French (I picked this up to help the fantasizing.)   What I do have is much food in the bungalow.  What’s on my mind for Menu Monday?

Let’s start with the fact that when I ask my friends at Freddy’s to provide some pizzas and other food for a party I’m throwing, I end up with the, “Joe threw another pizza in for you” kinda thing and that means I have Freddy’s pizza to eat tonight.  From there, what about the fact that I ask for some extra veg from my friends at Genesis Growers for a little bit of healthy choice for the kids, I have a huge surplus of crudites: radishes, carrots and broccoli.  I think I’ll boil up the broccoli into some type of salad with mustard and soy, mimicking the one dish I like from Penny’s Noodle. 

What about the rest of the food in-house.  We need to be rabbits this week.  We have two nice size heads of Romaine lettuce from our last CSA box [ed. are you not trying to have people say cos now too?].  Can someone say Cesar salad?   On top of that we have lettuce from the previous week’s box.  Sure some of the outer leaves are crunky looking, but shed those, shred the rest and a decent enough green salad emerges.  If it is not lettuce leaves, we have much radish leaves.  A nice bite, but they must be washed very well before salad eating.  Or watercress, I picked up a big bunch of watercress from Oriana at Green City Market (plus what she threw in; this may not be the week to have such good food friends…).  Or spinach, I there’s older spinach and newer CSA spinach in the basement fridge.  This is not to mention all the green onions (Farmer Vicki present that I forgot to bring to the party), carrots and broccoli that we were supposed to get (CSA).  Can we say chomp-chomp.

Where else are we going?  Well, we are not going to asparagus-ville, not just yet.  The CSA box came with an un-godly amount of asparagus.  It would have been too much if we did cook three meals this weekend.  I passed on some to a friend and managed to lose the rest (I think it’s in one of the cars).  We have these four bunches of collards still from last week’s CSA.  They are hearty enough to withstand the extra time in the fridge.  Which meal can I fit those in and how.  Pasta, if I do not use broccoli for pasta; with eggs, but I might use the spinach for a green version of the Israeli classic shaksuka based on something from the New Israeli Cookbook (more on this cookbook later this week).

We will probably go meatless until Friday.  I have a few days to think about what to take out of the freezer.  I’ve been having a hankering for meatloaf, but that does not ring of shabbat does it?  I’ll probably go with chickens.  By Friday we better have thought about all the potatoes we have left in our attic.  For one thing, we need to get them out of the attic, which if not now, will soon not be the coolest spot in the house. 

I’m not without local fruit this week.  Hillside Orchards had apples at last week’s Green City Market, but they said they would not have any more until the summer apples come in.  I picked up a few quarts.  It will not last though.  With so little fruit around now, I’ve got this idea on how to make-do.  What about crappy California seedless grapes.  Our main rule is that if it grows around here, we only get it from around here.  Are not our grapes a pretty much entire different species of food.  The kids, I am sure, would not mind some crappy grapes in their lunches as a make-do.  Is it any different from buying some bananas or oranges?

What’s on your menus this week.  What meals did you look back on with special enjoyment.