A Very Delicious Calender Indeed

May 8, 2009 at 9:05 am

Rob Gardner

You cannot complain that there’s no reason to get you local now.  You cannot complain that there are no markets on tap.  Plug your zip into the Local Beet’s Market Finder (at the top the Local Beet’s home page) and you will find markets running in Chicago and several suburbs.  You cannot complain that there is nothing to buy or that the only tastes of spring went to the connected.  You should find, if nothing else, asparagus, the springiest of spring crops at your market.  Of all the ways to cook asparagus, do not fear the uncooked.  See here and here.  A couple more crops to look for, both cool weather things, are spinach and watercress.  I’m a fan of spinach salads (yes with bacon!) and watercress salad dressings (although probably not a cress dressing on a spinach salad).

One more thing with the asparagus.  Asparagus is one of those veg that needs to be eaten now.  It’s not a forget at the bottom of the drawer kinda of item.  If you are awash in asparagus, like I am from my CSA–in fact even without Sophiapazoola occupying me, I do not believe I could eat all of the asparagus I have now–then process it now.  Asparagus freezes easily.  You can use the results fine in pastas, risotto, and other cooked dishes where a bit of mushy texture won’t matter.  Asparagus also pickles well if you are so inclined.  Just deal with it soon.

Green City Market has a kickoff rally tomorrow at 11 AM; there’s also some kind of lettuce fest there.

Have you always wanted to join a CSA, but never knew how to start? Are you intimidated by the beefy boxes of bounty sitting in your friends’ pantry? Might you, perhaps, be curious about kohlrabi? Wondering how to get your hands on some grass-fed beef?  Come to the Hideout on Wednesday, May 13, for a casual Q&A with farmer Vera Videnovich and Jody Osmund, of Cedar Valley Sustainable Farm.

Planning ahead, Mado’s next family dinner, on May 17,  is an especially good sounding one.  Not for the food, I mean the food is always good, but for the education.  Mado is bringing in the folks from Illinois’s Stewards of the Land organization to discuss their work.  The menu should be out soon, but I hear it will include nettle nudi or dumplings.

Planning further ahead, get your tickets for the Green City BBQ on July 16.

Not quite as far away, the Local Beet’s first Beet-up, meet-up is on May 30 at the Oak Park Farmer’s Market.  Save the date.  Details to follow.