Thursday Local Links

May 7, 2009 at 8:32 am

Rob Gardner

Felt lucky about local food near you?  The NYTimes explains with a map showing hot spots for organic farms around the US.  Hat tip to the Virtual Farm Girl.

The Big Read tonight on local food, in Willowbrook, featuring Melissa Graham.

Say it aint so, O.  (More here.)

Rob Levitt, your table is Beard-Ready.  See the inspiration here.

The science behind local food (via).  See also this.

Eat local fish!  The Chicago Fish Dude has been teasing us [ed. you mean inspiring us??] with his frequent Twitter reports of local fish.  Worse, or is that better, he’s already got Sky Full of Bacon on the case.

Eat stinky local cheese.  Think limburger is the only gross cheese coming out of Wisconsin, one that causes you to disarm your gag reflex to swallow?  Think brick is just that white stuff with small holes?  Well, there is brick and then there is brick, or if you are in Monroe to get the real thing, ask for “foil wrapped.”  Read more here.

Drink local beer.

Us local obsessed love a bit of link-love back.  More importantly, we love a good recipe.  Jude’s got a good one for ramps and guanciale.  The ramps may be hard to find already, but the recipe would work well with the many other spring greens blossoming around town.  For instance, there was much spinach to be had at Green City yesterday.  So, give this a whirl.

Think we could go a week without a swine flu link?

If you really have too much time on your hand, watch all you can about Wisconsin food.

Please send us all your eat local, localvore, locavore, sustainable links.