Go Green (Several Options)

May 6, 2009 at 8:19 am

Rob Gardner

I had an editorial meeting with myself this morning.  I decided to move linky Wednesday to linky Thursday as I have several things green to report.

Go Green City Market.  GCM begins their “regular” season today at their “regular” Lincoln Park location.  Go green  with asparagus, which should be at the market.  Me, I’m mostly looking for old apples.

Go Green Fest.  Green Fest Chicago is a few weeks away, May 16 and 17.  Go Purple Asparagus.  Chef Spear, the Sustainable Cook, Melissa Graham, would love your help at their booth.  Give them a ring to volunteer.

Go Green the day after Green Fest.  Michael Pollan will be speaking at the Washington Library on Monday May 18 at 6 PM. 

Go Green Day at the Oak Park Farmer’s Market with your friends at the Local Beet.  Ever hear of a Tweet-up?  Depends on where you stand on the technology vanguard, right?  Well, we have in the works a Beet-up for May 30 at the Oak Park market, in coordination with their Green Day.  The above mentioned Sustainable Cook, Melissa Graham, will be doing a demo.  Then all of us green minded Beet folk will be heading to lunch at Marion Street Cheese Market in Oak Park.  More details will be posted soon.  Please Beet-Up with us!

Go Green with the Local Beet, Wright College and Eli’s Cheesecake.  We are very, very pleased to be involved with their Local Food System speaker series this summer that runs in conjunction with the farmer’s market at Eli’s.  Keep an eye on the Local Beet for more details on this exciting program.

Go green sauce.  Need a dish to celebrate the season?  If I can do one thing in the kitchen well (besides cole slaw), it’s green sauce, salsa verde, chimichurri.  Come home from Green City Market today with a ton of fresh herbs to make green sauce.  My wife actually has a bit of renown for the salsa verde she makes at Mado, but I like my version better because I keep it chunky.  I cannot give you an exact recipe because it’s never quite the same, but just follow the principles described below.

Gather up your herbs.  Ideally, you should have a good amount of parsley as your base.  I like at least two handfuls of parsley to one handful of cilantro.  I try always to have some basil in there as well as mint.  If I have oregano, marjoram or thyme, I add those too, in accent proportions.  You can also use some arugula leaves; these add a nice pepper bite.  This time of year, I might use three good stalks of green garlic, which helps the green-ness too, but otherwise, I would use three cloves of garlic.  Smash and then mince the garlic and then start chopping all the herbs together.  Not always, but if I’m in the mood, I add some scallion to the mix.  Add it all to a decent sized bowl.

I believe it is crucial to the sauce to include three or so fillets of anchovy.  I mush them up and then add to the herb mix.  I also believe it is crucial to include some mustard.  I especially like the French whole grain version which adds a touch of sweetness to the balance.  Think a spoonful of mustard.  Capers if you have them, salt packed please (rinsed).  Before the final dressing, add a crumbled dried red chili.  Here’s the key finish, and something I’ve learned to improve my green sauce.  Don’t be shy with the acid, vinegar or lemon juice.  It really carries the sauce.  Finally, add enough olive oil to make the sauce look very wet.  Adjust the seasoning, but if you’ve done it right, you should not need any more salt or pepper.  The sauce should be bracing.  Intense. 

There’s a 101 uses for green sauce at least.  I like it on almost grilled, especially roast chicken and steaks.  It’s ideal with eggs–spread some on toast to support a fried egg sandwich.  Bring a jar to your favorite forthcoming green event.

Go green today and all the time.  In fact, we always are up for hearing more ways we can go green.



  1. Go Green Local Beet! Thanks for all of these exciting updates and ideas for May. We’ll see you all at the opening of the Oak Park Farmers Market if not before. Happy Spring!

    -Ann & Rebecca, Edible Chicago

  2. Thanks for the shout out Rob. Purple Asparagus will be in the Organic Valley Green Kids Zone making Salad in a Jar. With 35,000 predicted to attend, we’ll need lots of hands. If you’re interested in volunteering (which gets you free admission to the Festival), please contact me at info@purpleasparagus.com

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