Look Ahead, Look Behind Menu Monday

May 4, 2009 at 12:50 pm

Rob Gardner


Mostly on Menu Monday, I look behind to tell you what is ahead.  What was made last week (Friday) usually gets eaten mostly as leftovers this week.  What is ahead, however, on this week’s menu is not much already made.  I grill-roasted a Wettstein’s Organic pork shoulder from our 1/2 hog, but there’s just a bit of it left, probably for a hash.  I made my famous garlicky-lemon cabbage salad, with savoy cabbage resting safely in the basement fridge, but we finished that with lunch on Sunday.  There is, however, ample leftovers of Weisenberger grits and Michigan brown beans to go fourth in meals.  There’s also a bit of broccoli that came in our last Farmer Vicki CSA box that I braised on Friday.  Our meals this week will require some thought.

What the box has provided (beyond broc).  We have two heads of green leaf lettuce, salad material.  We have a boatload of large carrots, the last of Vicki’s over-wintered supply.  I have a feeling I’ll roast at least some, especially while the Bungalow remains somewhat cool.  Also a boatload of collards, best probably, traditionally, with something pork and pot likker, but I do no know when this week that will make sense.  Not quite in the boatload vein, but the box contained a decent amount of green onions.  Finally, the box contained the last of Vicki’s red Norland potatoes from last year.  Most of those went into a salad last week.

Beyond the box, I made a stop at Cassie’s Green Grocer for radishes and more salad greens.  I’m rather enthralled by the new in food item these days, radishes with whipped butter. 

With those raw materials, here’s the preliminary dinner plan for the week:

Mon: beans over grits, perhaps a fried egg on the side; green salad

Tue: pork hash, leftover broc; maybe the roasted carrots

Wed: Open, as there’s activities; There might be food from Green City if my schedule allows such travel

Thur: Something with pasta, maybe including a veg from the box that will come that day.

Fri: Out

For lunches, I expect to use some of the carrots, radishes and salad greens.  It’s another week of no local fruit in the house unless I run across some local apples (very likely if I make it to GCM on Wednesday). 

How have you all been using your local food purchases?

Late Update:  JATLF a/k/a just another terrific lunch at Freddy’s yielded the usual Freddy’s extras.  Looks like dinner tonight will be the lagniappe pizzas, with beans and grits moved to the open Wednesday!


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  1. We had a delicious braised pork shoulder roast this evening: Cedar Valley pork, onions from Fresh Picks and the last of my frozen Seedling cider. I served it over mashed local yukon golds with a bit of Grassland butter and Blue Marble milk. Our green veggie was salad from Cassie supplemented with some California grown cherry tomatoes used up from the the event I did for Hidden Valley last weekend.

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