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May 1, 2009 at 9:15 am

Rob Gardner

Cooing your heels until your local farmer’s market starts?  Here’s a couple of ways to bide your time.

Yes, there may be some seats available for the Slow Food Chicago Morel lunch at Vie.  (Damn you Food Pantry keeping me from the hunt and the lunch!)

Interested in trying some blood sausage?  Mado has a bit and will be frying it up and serving it with eggs with their brunch on Sunday.

Mark Mendez is promising green and purple asparagus of the local variety this weekend at Carnivale.

This is a big weekend for Chicago food people at the Beard Awards in New York.  See how our team fares by following Sula on Twitter.  Our fingers are crossed for you Mike.  Good luck also to your un-named partner.  Helen profiles the rest of the team.  Good luck all!

Is there anything more local than a Chicago hot dog?  Two people who know a thing or two about the Chicago dog, “Hot” Doug Sohn and Bruce Kraig will be giving a talk Wednesday at Kendall College, sponsored by the Chicago Foodways Roundtable.

Bored with your options, follow in Brad and Kim’s footsteps.


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  1. Damn, wish I’d known about the blood sausage. Love the stuff. We did have a lovely late lunch at La Madia, which while not local did have some nifty enviro take-out containers. Plus, the delish 3 pepperoni, truffle oil pizza.

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