Eat Local Out

April 30, 2009 at 8:51 am

Rob Gardner

This Local Family like a lot of families likes to eat out.  We eat out for a host of reasons: to celebrate, to explore, to be inspired, and many a-time, just because we have to.  Our vast eat local rules very much allows for us to partake in all the non-local food we want when eating out.  So we eat the best tortillas in town and other fine foods at La Quebrada or see if the new Thai place in Berwyn equals the fuss it got.  We are, however, very spoiled when it comes to food, and as much as possible, we like to have our food local, out as well as in.  Not only do these places make great food, they abide by the same principles that inspire our locavore decisions.

Myself and others at the Local Beet are in the process of adding data on restaurants that feature local foods.  I’ve started with pretty much my two favorite restaurants in the Chicago area, Vie and Mado.  Please feel free to add to your experiences at these places or at any restaurant that includes local foods in their larder (that’s you too @Gachatz). 

DISCLOSURES: I want to make two some very clear disclosures.  Foremost, we are not presenting these restaurant listings as reviews.  At least in the conventional, wear a wig, book under an assume name, wait three weeks, school of reviewing.  We are very much friends with many of the chefs and restaurateurs we will be writing about on the Beet.  Some of the chefs will be writing for the Local Beet.  We do not want to shirk from telling you what we think about a place, but we want you to know where we are coming from.  In addition, as some of you know, my wife apprentices at Mado.