Task Force Act Goes To Committee

April 27, 2009 at 3:16 pm

From Debbie Hillman of The Illinois Local & Organic Food & Farm Task Force:

HB3990, Local Food, Farms, and Jobs Act of 2009, goes to the Senate Agriculture and Conservation Committee of the Illinois General Assembly on Tuesday, April 28 (1:00 PM) for a hearing. In conjunction with the bill’s chief sponsor, State Rep. Julie Hamos, State Sen. Jacqueline Collins, the bill’s chief Senate sponsor, has entered an amendment to HB3990.

Readers of The Local Beet are encouraged to contact their state senators to (1) ask them to support HB3990, and (2) to become a sponsor of HB3990. Currently 30 Senators are signed on; that means that 29 have not yet signed on as sponsors. We hope that every Senator will sign on because HB3990 is an economic development bill that will benefit every community in Illinois. Using the state’s abundant natural farm resources and heritage to feed the state’s large consumer population, the State of Illinois can quickly grow the Illinois economy by supporting the natural economic partnership between Illinois farmers and Illinois consumers.

To follow progress of the bill, go to http://www.ilga.gov. Type in “HB3990″ in the box at left (“Search by Number”). Sponsors are listed; if your Senator is not listed as a sponsor, please call them. You can say that a Task Force coordinator will follow up to answer questions. Then, let us know what your Senator said and we will follow up. Calls to Senators should be made in the next week.

For more information, contact the Coordinators of the Illinois Local & Organic Food & Farm Task Force:
Debbie Hillman (Evanston) DLHillman@sbcglobal.net 847/328-7175
Jim Braun (Springfield) JBraun2525@yahoo.com 515/229-2679