Was There a Whiff of Spring in this Week’s Green City Market?

April 19, 2009 at 1:59 pm

Rob Gardner

I shared a taste of a canelle from Floriole that my wife found a bit burnt.  I sampled some Prairie Fruit Farms goat cheese but turned around and bought from Capriole because I cannot resist a sale.  I missed the cups of milk from Blue Marble Dairy to try, and I pretty much missed an signs of spring at the last indoor Green City Market. 

No.  I take that back.  Nichols Farm in a clever bit of demand sating, lopped off the greens growing from their shallots and sold them at the market as a form of onion-y sprout.  Use like chives Nick encouraged, and damn it did seem like a good idea.  He did not even bother to sell me on the spring-ness of the item.  Because it was not the only whiff of spring.  Right across the street, at the Heritage Prairie stand, resting in its own manger, a single representation of spring, one bunch of green onions.  Now me, as much as I want my spring, I’m not much of a scallion guy to begin with, and I know there will be a period where Farmer Vicki will inundate me with them.  Weeds and a bunch of green onions, what spring looked like at Green City Market.

I’m saying I did not thoroughly enjoy my time at GCM.  In addition to the cheese regulars, the folks from Saxon Creamery where there, making their fine cheese more well known.  I’m happy with some sprouts, and got a big bag from Three Sisters.  I also purchased some of their spinach.  I could practically go just for the Bennison’s breads, and got a ciabatta and some kind of Irish batch pull a part wheat thing.   My wife has a mushroom monkey on her back, and we fed that habit with a mixed bag from River Valley.  If I had not got some Michigan apples at Caputo’s, I might have bought some from Hillside, and if I did not have a fair amount of potatoes, I might have taken advantage of the great prices on fingerlings at Nichols.  I liked all of this and more, but like I say, on the down side of April, this was a market that could have been the middle of February.

Next week Green City is outdoors with a special Alice Waters edition market and then the week after it’s at its regular Lincoln Park location.  I bet I’ll taste some spring in there some where.