Tuesday Reading Materials

April 14, 2009 at 9:00 am

Rob Gardner

Last week, I gave some Tuesday reading materials because I suspected limited posting in the days that would follow.  This Tuesday make sure you get all your outside reading done, because I expect to be back tomorrow.

I won’t be back with our best in the business guide to Chicago area farmer’s markets tomorrow, but I do very much expect the Beet’s Market Finder to be up and running very, very soon. 

I won’t be back tomorrow with my report on forgotten fruits, apple culture and cider experiences in Madison, Wisconsin, but I can direct you to Martha Bayne’s detailed reporting (make sure to follow her links within too).

I won’t be back tomorrow with a date for the local food segment on the CBS 10 PM news, but as soon as I know the date, I’ll report back for sure (as well as @LocalFamily on Twitter).

I do check in on other area locavores like the Virtual Farmgirl, Lenae, and Valere with three e’s.  UPDATE: Woops, forgot another great local eat local blog from Julia, Good Food for All.

I do drag myself away from digital media every once in a while.  I find my quarterly issue of Edible  Chicago as soon as it comes out; even issues that do not feature myself, Farmer Vicki and the Sustainable Cook, Melissa Graham.

I do try to make sense of this food safety law in Congress by going to places like here, but MikeG warned me on Facebook where I posted this link, “So being run by a Naderite and endorsed by the Center for Science in The Public Interest is supposed to reassure us that it won’t be another example of overprotective government running amok and making things worse?”  Did he really mean Factcheck.org??

I try to make sense of the notion that local and organic food is so 2008 by going here.

I do not buy weekly from Irv and Shelly, but I always go to their site at least weekly to see what type of local things they have in stock.  For instance, right now, you can find some local cabbage.  Check out their whole list of interesting local products.

I do not make it much to Iowa City, but next time I’m there, I’ll visit Kurt Friese’s Devotay restaurant.  Until then, I follow his writings such is this reaction to the NYTimes pork safety article.

I do make it to Mado fairly often.  I will, will, will write-up my recent dinner there, but as nice as a mid-week soiree can be there, nothing beats Mado family style.  I’ve made my reservations for their Anniversary dinner this Sunday.  You should too.

I make no bones that eating local is no piece of cake.  Canning foods is one hell of a lot of work, and the work can be for not as David Hammond will shortly explain.  And unwrapping a hunk of local meat can be one big surprise in animal anatomy.  We will have a couple of articles forthcoming on dealing with local meats.

I make no bones that I believe I spend less on food eating local than I did the old ways.  If you are not yet convinced, at least here’s some ideas on how to control your eat local budget.

I learned yesterday that this week is National Egg Salad Week.  Melissa helps you with your egg shopping.

I learned about the little bantam that came to roost at Vera’s farm from her at the last winter market.  She tells the story to everyone here.

I learned about Brad and Kim’s trip to Indiana here.  I look forward to Brad’s take on the Local Beet.

I’d be happy to hear about other eat local links, stories, ideas, articles and the whatnot.  Read up.