The Illinois Local Food, Farms, and Jobs Act

April 14, 2009 at 8:16 pm

The Illinois Local Food, Farms and Jobs task force released their report last month and now that report has been translated into a bill in the Illinois State General Assembly (HB3990). It has passed the house and is now working its way through the state senate.

The bill is designed to build off of the goals set forth from the task force’s report. These goals are centered around economic and community development through the growth and support of our state’s food system.

Some of the specifics from the bill seek to:

  • Direct state agencies to align their missions in support of this economic development, public health, and emergency preparedness strategy.
  • Facilitate state institutions to source at least 20% of their food locally by 2020.
  • Assemble a team that harmonizes and streamlines rules and regulations affecting local food production, processing, and marketing.
  • Create an Illinois Local Food, Farms, and Jobs Council to coordinate the development of community-based farm and food networks statewide.
  • You can read the full substance of of the bill here.

    To support this important effort, contact your state senator and express your support for HB3990. You can search for your senator by your home address here.