Should Be a Good Day for Local Food in Chicago

March 24, 2009 at 8:16 am

Rob Gardner

A while back I hooked up with Sun Times Food Editor, Janet Rausa Fuller, for a feature on local food.  We talked in the fall but the story did not run until late winter.  Same when I wrote the editorial for the CTrib Perspective section (when there was a Perspective section), it took several weeks to run.  In other words, you’re never quite sure when non-news news will run.  CBS Channel 2 News is supposed to run a segment on local food tonight on the 10 PM news, but you just don’t know. 

If I cannot be sure if the segment will air tonight, I really cannot be sure what will be in the segment.  Reporter Vince Gerasole and cameraman Jerry came to the Bungalow to film.  They got much footage of me and the Local Kids (Local Mom refused any notoriety).  They filmed our root cellar in the sky and filmed us making a winter salad.  I tried to convince Vince that local eating was not more expensive because we ate out less, at less junk, but I’m not sure if I convinced him.  The kids did convince him, though, that they enjoyed eating local, and they also convinced him that with a taste of the dried strawberries from Michigan’s Seedlings Farm, he’d enjoy too (and he did).  They filmed more than the Local Family.

I believed they filmed some at Cassie’s Green Grocer.   Cassie’s been there for over a year, but how many Chicagoans know that a store exists specializing in local food, including Blue Marble Dairy, real eggs, assorted grains and speciality items like ice creams made from the ingredients in the store (Nice Cream).  And how many Chicagoans have any idea that practically every weekend from November through March, winter markets convened at assorted churches to supply local food.  It may have been dark, dark and cold, but Robin’s winter markets supplied fresh vegetables and other local products including meats, breads, cheese and yogurts.  Robin’s markets always had a range of canned goods too, including a Balkan pepper spread produced by the Beet’s own Vera V.  We here at the Beet surely knew and shopped these markets.  Now more people will too.

Will they be able to get this into the two minutes: Vince asked me what motivated me; why was I so gung-ho.  I gave him all my spiels on why to eat local.  Mostly, I said, we are having a blast being a Local Family, and we wanted others to see how much fun they could have eating local.  Of course the food tastes better, it’s better for the earth, but local food also brings people together.  Together to shop and together at the table.  I think that whatever they cram into the segment, you will get a sense of that.

Tell us what you think after watching.


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  1. I’m really looking forward to seeing it!

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