Beard Nominates Whole Hog Project

March 23, 2009 at 1:40 pm

The James Beard Awards (the Academy Awards of Food) have nominated Mike Sula’s “Whole Hog Project” which includes videos from Sky Full of Bacon creator, and Local Beet contributor Mike Gebert.

The project has been nominated in the Food Journalism/Multimedia category for the mulefoot pig series of articles and videos. Read more about it at Sky Full of Bacon.


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  1. Michael Gebert says:

    Thanks for the link. You can see everything that was entered, consisting of Sula’s November cover story, some of his 2008 blog posts, and the two Sky Full of Bacon podcasts, here:

    There was more to the whole hog project than that in 2007, but that’s what the Beard folks saw and judged.

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