Our Sam in the White House

January 28, 2009 at 3:24 pm

Well, maybe not my Sam per se, but I did meet Sam many a-time during the entertaining and informatively delicious soup and soap-box programs put on by Hull House last year (cf).  And I’m claiming Sam for the whole Chicago eat local scene [ed. what scene?].  The NYTimes has the news that Sam will cook now at the White House

A spokeswoman for Michelle Obama, Katie McCormick Lelyveld, said Mr. Kass will not be the only cook preparing the family’s meals, but “he knows what they like and he happens to have a particular interest in healthy food and local food.” He will work alongside the White House executive chef, Cristeta Comerford, who was promoted to that job by the Bushes and is being kept on in that role by the Obamas.

Helen hits the Avec years and has a nice photo of Sam.

(I wonder what Michael Pollin will have to say)