The Less Hectic Local Calender?

January 22, 2009 at 9:59 am

Rob Gardner

Will there be the same rush of people this week at the local events?  Let’s hope no market has to hold its customers in a waiting pen, but let’s hope there’s still quite the crowd.

Robin and her band of merry winter pranksters (including the Beet’s newest blogger Vera V) will park the bus in Evanston this weekend for a market and market brunch.  I told you last week that there would be local ice cream but I forgot the name of the ice creamers.  Well, it’s Ruth and Phil, doing things with market produce such as apple cider sorbet and an ice cream flavored with basil dressing (much better than it sounded!).

This weekend, like every weekend, Heritage Prairie Market in Elburn  will be open.  Next weekend, Heritage Prairie hosts a fundraiser for some local farmers who had their cattle rustled, yes rustled, which unfortunately sounds too quaint.  Try stolen instead.

Two of our most local of local restaurants, Mado and Lula, are combining forces this Sunday for, what else, a porkathon.  6 PM at Mado.  The Ms. and I will be there.

That other most local of places, Vie, is hosting a dinner next Thursday with the spirits of that most local of spirit’s, Wisconsin’s Death DoorGod does this thing sound good.  Bring a designated drive.

OK, think that’s it in local restaurants. Chicago Magazine’s weekly Dish reports on a couple of other locavore chefs.   Terragusto  opens a second location this week in Lincoln Park.  Hoosier Mama, where my wife helped for a while, finally has its long anticipated store in sight for a March opening.

Going strong locally, Cassie Green and Green Grocer celebrate their birthday on Monday.  Reward her with ample purchases including from her new inventory of local booze.

This weekend’s suggested roadtrip: Ann Arbor, Michigan, a real eat local kinda town.  The Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market needs no reservations and meets all the time.  I guarantee even in bitter cold you will find vendors.  Arbor Brewing has a fine selection of beers and a menu focused on local foods.  Ann Arbor is an excellent place to add to your eat local repertoire, for instance the Carlson-Arbogast Farm beans from Howard City Michigan available at the Kerrytown shops.  Of course Zingerman’s Creamery is making cheeses from Michigan milk, and you can also go in now for a scoop of Baracky Road ice cream.   Plum Market is not quite as local as they claim, but still a good place to shop.  Eve will make you a fancy dinner from the local stuff.

Where are you going local this weekend?