I Came This/Close to Resigning

January 21, 2009 at 2:12 pm

Rob Gardner

It’s Wednesday, which in this Local Family means it’s about time to plan Friday night’s dinner.  The menu included roast chicken and baked sweet potato, sorghum butter.  I asked my wife, what veg.  She said, whatever we have a lot of.  Beets.  It means beets.  But after last Friday’s episode, I’m quite hesitate to be associated with anything beet-y.  In fact if my fingers were not so dyed purple the other day, I might have typed out my quitting then and there.  My wife, however, pointed me to today’s NYTimes as my rescue.

It was already noon and my starvation was building. Cooking those enormous beets for the salad would take hours. And I didn’t feel like waiting…Most roasted-beet recipes call for cooking the beets whole, then peeling and cubing them after they’re already cooked.

And the books leave out the hassle. Melissa Clark of the Times was right, storage beets take hours to cook, and even then, the peeling does not happen easily. When I was struggling with my batch of beets last week I had to take to the microwave to give a few an extra push. The solution it seems, is easy.

Then, to my surprise, I watched Sarah peel the raw beets, cut them into small cubes and drizzle them with oil.

Faster cooking and less mess too.

I’m ready to give the Beet another try this Friday.