OMG Wintr Mrkts!!!!

January 20, 2009 at 8:25 am

Rob Gardner

Like, i hear all these famous chefs, like ones with books and TV shows  they go shopping, like instead of the food coming to them in some big white truck with the awesome name, Sysco !!!!! These like, famous dudes, they go to markets…  Some thing called GCM?!?!?!?!?!  And, like i heard there would be a big party at GCM… But i heard something like you had to txt some guy who knew some guy to get in!! So i sent an e-mail to get the txt….

OMG!!! Like everyone came.  OMG!!!!!!  No lolz !!!!! Like, a market and i had to get in line  Like, like the Beaumont at 1245 Even peeps with emls!!!!  Like I said i was on the guest list…  No dif !!! Way later it was like lets move out people and we got in  OMGBBQ i mean OMG bb teh f q… like great bbq in winter!!!!!! To eat  Free  !!!!!Like no way Like Nookies does not makes bacon like this  And OMG black beans!!!!!  Like, u kno Chipotole has but these blk beans rocked… Rocked so much i went to this lady named 3 Sisters Farm and got like a brwn paper bag with 3 lbs of black beans + pecans!!!… Like no one told me i would get pecans at GCM… It rocked!!!!!!!

OMG so i went again sunday  Like i heard some people txting about another market on sunday way far away in someplace called river forest  Like this markt started so early like 930  But when i got ther like no spinach!! no! carrots!! no lettuce!!!!  OMG no lettuce???!!!???  The cool ldy at the market said, like, she already sold all the lettuce But i had this awesome brunch  It rocked!!!!!!!!!! totally totally good pancakes made by some guy named ted… like i  mean it said ted’s grains.  + they made some kinda potato root veg dish  i mean like a lot of carbs i kno but it rocked!!!!  OMG!!!! i came for lettuce but had this most awesome brunch  Everyone’s going to these wintr mrkts!!!!!

OMG I can’t wait until the nxt 1!!!! s u there!!!!!!



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