Market Opportunities Galore (Local Calender)

January 16, 2009 at 9:46 am

Rob Gardner

It’s here.  It’s here.

The long anticipated unveiling of Green City Market’s winter, Winter Market.  Starting tomorrow and then twice a month through April, the Green City Market will offer eat local fans shopping opportunities at the Peggy Notebaert  Museum at Fullerton and Lake Shore.  Green City promises “root vegetables, apples, sprouts, black beans, pork, beef, chicken, dried fruit, cider, jam, honey, milk, various cheeses, chestnuts and an array of breads and baked goods.”  Note, the related chef-demo event is at capacity.  Can’t mean you can’t shop.

Here’s a few vendors I look forward to their products: Seedlings, these Michigan fruit guys really set up for the off-season.  They have dried fruits and frozen fruit, which are good things to use this time of year.  Growing Power, Will Allen and his amazing crew got a nice plug in this month’s issue of Saveur.  Congratulate them the way they like best, by buying like crazy.  I expect something green from them.  Tiny Greens, will of course, have, tiny, greens.  Sprouts and related may seem like the worst of hippie food, but if you’re diet is all roots these days, they provide a nice contour.

Don’t stop your shopping at Green City.  The next day, Robin will have a robust winter market in River Forest.  She’s planning a gala brunch to taste the worth of the food.  And at the end of the brunch line with be a scoop of ice cream or sorbert from some new local guys (who’s names I cannot remember, I will promise to fix) and made with local ingredients, including, so I am told, an ice cream made from the same basil dressing sold at the markets.  Beyond the icy treats, Robin has another big supply of root vegetables from Farmer Vicki.  Taste real winter produce.

If you have wanderlust this weekend, there are a couple of other farmer’s markets convening.  Appleton Wisconsin promises an indoor market with forty, yes forty vendors on Saturday and an indoor market will be in Milwaukee this Wednesday.

One of the organizations making it more doable to eat local in Illinois, the Land Connection, is one of the featured charities for the Big Top at Big John Table of Twelve Charity Gala on Wednesday, January 21 at the Signature Room at the 95th at the John Hancock Center.  See the Land Connection site for more details.

If you cannot make it to any market, I saw that Whole Foods had Wisconsin grown, organic celery root and they had sunchokes, I believe, but am not totally positive, also come from Wisconsin.  Suzy D commented on the VI blog that she found Wisconsin fingerling potatoes and Michigan dried cherries at Costco.  Local is where you find it.