Special Bonus Calender Updates

January 9, 2009 at 4:16 pm

Rob Gardner

For about six paragraphs and a few copied quotes, you could not imagine how much time I spent on this morning’s calender post.  It was like not much happening local, so what can I find.  Hmmm, Appleton Wisconsin has a winter market*, what’s there in Appleton.  Hmm, what does ab Appleton supper club menu look like.  Hmm, the market’s next week.  Etc.  After all that time this morning, I’ve come across a couple of things that should go on your calender.  Chicago style.

First, I got a bit of an update from Cassie.  So make time this weekend to see her for some local spinach, salad mix and potatoes.  I hear she has good donuts too, but as much as I love the place, and the donuts, I’m have not yet (someday) been willing to pay the $3 donut price.  Green Grocer is at 1402 W. Grand, Chicago. 

Second, the re-thinking soup people at Hull House are featuring this week, one of Chicago’s most cool food people, Yoshiharu Ochida .  They call him the tofu master.  He makes his Mu Tofu here in Rogers Park (you can buy at Green Grocer!).   There will be tofu soup and the story of how a Tofu Master came to live and work in Chicago.

Hull-House Kitchen: Rethinking Soup
Tuesday, January 13
Residents’ Dining Hall
800 S. Halsted St.


*Appleton info to be in next week’s local calender