The Local Calender

December 5, 2008 at 9:53 am

Rob Gardner

Who says a bit of snow and cold have to keep you from buying local.  Plenty of shopping options and other fun activities in the Local Calender.

Robin and her people have two markets this weekend, both on the North side of Chicago.  I’m gonna try to get out of food pantry duty on Saturday (St. Ben’s) because I am especially keen on trying the spring rolls made by Angie Ackerman from her farm-fresh ingredients.  I also am a big fan of Jenifer Kane’s baked goods.  My kinda brunch.  The market on Sunday (Andersonville) is in the afternoon, so mark your calenders accordingly.

Two of the biggest backers of our local food movement, Sarah Stegner and Geoge Bumbaris, of Prairie Grass Cafe, will be giving the demo at Green City Market on Saturday.  See how they will cope with winter eating.

Chalking one up to the always-finding-something-new, Amata on LTHForum reminded me and everyone else, that the Experimental Station on the South Side (6100 S. Blackstone) has, and has had, an indoor market this fall/winter.  The last market is this Saturday from 9 to 12.  I really wish I could stop by, but it seems pretty impossible.  I’d love to hear a report on the market.

Don’t forget if you head west, you can find winter markets in Geneva and ElburnCassie always has local and Eric has a pretty good assortment too.  And if you are downtown, do stop at the Farmstand.

Go talk local with Chef Paul Virant at his restaurant, Vie.  His latest menu features such products as Cedar Grove aged cheddar, Hillside Orchard chestnuts, Nichols Farm broccoli, Caveny Farm bourbon red turkey, and Klug farm pears (amongst other products!).

Your Sunday brunch will be local if you eat here or here.  Save room for goose Sunday night at Mado.

In my long list of to-do’s, is the notion of exploring the Taste of Chicago.  Not big summer event that I, rare amongst foodies, like.  No, I’m talking about a sense of local cuisine around here, if there is a local cuisine, and if not, should we go for it.  Towards that purpose, I’d very much like to hear what Kurt Friese has to say on December 11 at the Book Cellar, 7 PM (via).

No one doubts that Chicago cuisine starts with the fully dressed, steamed hot dog.  And maybe no one knows more about said Chicago food-icon than Vienna Beef executive, Bob Schwartz.  His book on Chicago hot dogs is both gorgeous and necessary–the best book on the matter since this/this (and would make a great gift for me if anyone cares!).  Mark your calenders to hear Bob speak for the Culinary Historians next Saturday.

At least part of the time, I imagine you’ll be inside trying to stay warm.  When you’re on the computer, try our links page or order one of the books from our local bookshelf.  Here’s a few other places to read about the good fight: Virtual Farm Girl, Chicago Locavores, Green Roof Growers, Green City Market’s Locavore Challenge Blog, Eat Local Challenge

For the 122th time, there’s no reason to stop eating local ’cause it’s winter.  Shop local.  Eat at restaurants with local food.  Discuss local food.  Read about local food. Plenty of good options now.