The Never Ending Soup Pot + Bobby Flay not so Bad?

December 3, 2008 at 7:51 am

Rob Gardner

You know, you think you know things, and then bang-pow, you find something you cannot imagine you were not doing forever.  I’m that way about vegetable stock.  How could I have ever tossed a veg before.  Why did I ever think there was something useless in the CSA box.  What’s more, all those odds and ends, the fennel tops, the celery root tops, they have use. Stock it, it’s all good.  Now, I’ve taken the step one further.  From stock, I made the never ending soup pot.

Stock was the same basic recipe.  Sweat an onion; saute tired vegetables including arugula, some celery, a tomato, fennel stems, carrots for about ten minutes; add cold water, salt, peppercorns, garlic cloves.  Simmer for about 45 minutes.  Strain.  For soup, start with a clean or wiped off pan, do the onion sweating thing again.  Add the stock, add a fresh batch of diced veg in the order they will cook.  First went in carrot, then potato, finally greens.  Actually between potato and greens I poured in a box of tiny pasta shells.  Cook until pasta is done.  Serve with grated cheese.

Well, I do not know about you, but that’s a lot of soup, especially because the noodles sponge up the stock.  There was a lot left after our first night’s use.  A few days later, I got the pot out of the spare fridge, added some extra water, re-simmered.  Soup course again.  Last night it was time for the third dip into the magic soup kettle.  This time, I decided to jazz it up.

I rarely make it a point to watch Bobby Flay.  Who amongst us likes Bobby Flay?  But I was eating my lunch the other day in front of the TV.  The new snow made me want to see a show about grilling.  Bobby made a dish that caught my eye: jalepeno pesto.  I think he used it as a dip.  I thought first pasta dressing, then realized I should go French and drizzle in the soup.

Like most of Flay’s recipes, the concepts are easy.  He roasted jalepeno peppers–I just used the gas stove flame; chopped, added to a food processor with garlic, pine nuts (non-local), cilantro.  He used, I believe lemon juice, I used balsamic vinegar as I bet my peppers are hotter.  After the processor gets going, drizzle in olive oil.  See.

My older daughter liked so much, she had two helpings.  Today she wants a cheese-jalepeno pesto sandwich for lunch.  Me, I’m happy to part with my babies (hot peppers), there time in the Bungalow is coming to an end.  The soup pot, however, has a long way to go.