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December 1, 2008 at 9:06 am

Rob Gardner

With Expo-izing and Holiday  advising, is there any chance the Local Family still eats local.  You betcha.  Buying and eating below.

Since we’ve last checked in, we’ve purchased local food at the Downtown Farmstand, the Family Farmed Expo, Green City Market, and last Saturday’s Winter Market.  We did not get a CSA box this week, but we got one a week ago Thursday.  Oh, and we stopped in at Cassie’s Green Grocer yesterday.  We’ve eaten out a fair amount, plus the holiday, but in the Bungalow, it’s all local.

Downtown Farmstand – mint, cilantro

Family Farmed Expo – carnival squash, spinach, sprouts (complimentary), yali pears,

Green City - lettuce, horseradish, sunchokes, black radishes, green peppers (yes!), more cilantro, baby turnips

Winter Market –  carrots, tomatoes (yes!), radishes, apples (honeycrisp, fortune), corn meal, flour, mushrooms

CSA Box – radishes, brussels sprouts, beets, lettuce, apples, onion, squash, cabbage

Green Grocer – celery

Some of the ways we’ve used the stuff:

  • Lunches – apples, pears, radishes, sprouts
  • Veg. Stock
  • Veg soup
  • Carrot jalepeno salad
  • Brussels sprouts, bacon, mustard seed
  • Lemony garlic cabbage-caper salad
  • Pear, lettuce, blue cheese salad
  • Bayless spinach tacos
  • An attempt at Lula’s signature pasta with home canned tomatoes, bacon, hot pepper, spices
  • Roasted delicata squash, rosemary-honey (a Mado recipe)

Full inventory here.


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