Bad Jerry at the Expo

November 21, 2008 at 3:47 pm

Rob Gardner

I’m a firm believer that there is an episode of Seinfeld to cover any potential life event.  One that happens often to me, to my wife’s discontent, is the sticking my neck into other’s business, especially when they are in the food business.  If my wife was around for all of the things I did so far at the Family Farmed Expo, she’d be one constant refrain of “bad Jerry” or “Jerry you a bad man”, reminding me of what happened when Jerry urges Babbo to be more authentic.  Since no one was whispering in my ear, here is all the damage I’ve caused so far today.

  • I advised Lois Federman, a government official for the state of Wisconsin to find more markets in Chicago for their Wisconsin products.  After all, more Mt. Sterling Goat cheese for me.
  • I’m trying to get the guys at Mulberry Hill Farms, from near Carbondale, who have plenty of ground grown spinach, to find a half way point with some of Robin’s farmer’s, so their product can be had at the winter markets.
  • I told the guys of Knutson’s Country Harvest to put some polyvinyl over their hydroponic strawberries to extend the market season.
  • I tried to get Janet Ioeger to lend me their hunting equipment so I could take a shot at the peasants at their Panola Prairie Sportsman Club.
  • I volunteered my kidz to give testimonials for Green Monkey Foods.
  • I encouraged  Kalona Organics to sell milk in smaller containers, make their cream more available and find a way to get the Amish to make deli sliced ham.

In addition to my excellent advice, I got some needed information.

  • Organic Valley insists their containers are recylable.  I’m skeptical but hope they are right.
  • Sassy Cow equally insists they are not a factory farm.  I really believe that and plan on visiting the farm and creamery one of these days soon.

Most startling fact gleaned so far:

The Local Beet is way, way, way, way, way, less popular than this site.  I believe we need to sex up our images.