Putting the Ex in the Expo – Plenty of Great Exhibitors at Family Farmed Expo

November 19, 2008 at 10:00 am

Rob Gardner

Last Sunday I heard a very interesting presentation from a spokesman for Kibbutz Lotan, a green kibbutz in Israel.  Besides impressing me with their work in mud houses and pipeless sewage, he reminded me that twenty-five percent of any successful project management should be dedicated to celebrating its success.  This weekend, the project is all things local at the Family Farmed Expo, and although there is a Localicious party, I think we should celebrate the way only us Americans know how to celebrate.  Open our wallets.  The Expo features a large market of local and fair trade goodies.  I’ve listed some of my favorites below, but I expect to gain some new favorites too.

  • Aquaranch – I like to say this is where the local superheros hang.  And it is a super outfit, producing a seamless system of fish and plant fed fish food.  When you are hankering for any type of fresh herb come February, Aquaranch will be there for you.
  • Death’s Door Spirits – I am forever jealous of local food writer Martha Bayne for she has spent more time in my beloved Washington Island than me.  I am, however, thankful that she introduced me to Death’s Door Spirits, a product that begins with Island wheat.  Drinking local is as good as eating local.
  • Wild Blossom Meadery – Ms. Bayne met Greg from Wild Blossom at last summer’s Green City BBQ (where I finally came face to face with my nemesis), but she did not meet Greg the way I did, in the back of his pet grooming/wine making store on the far south side one very long day, one very long time ago.  A lot of backstory for some actually very good mead.  Not cloying in the least.  More to drink local.
  • Genesis Growers/Growing Power/Growing Home – I’m gonna lump these three G’s together.  My farmer, Farmer Vicki of Genesis Growers, and these other guys know that fall is not the time to pack up the tools.  Expect many late season and hoop house produce.  Stock up for the holidays!
  • Hillside Orchards – And speaking of stocking up, Hillside should still have plenty of apples.  More interesting, they will have chestnuts.  I was never a big chestnut fan until I tasted theirs.  Lots of Thanksgiving possibilities including in stuffing and with Brussels sprouts.
  • Family Farmed Defenders – This Local Family loves a trip to Madison, WI, and our Madison forays usually include some time on Williamson Street in the last of the hippies, East side.  One day we wandered below the tasty Nature’s Bakery Cooperative to find Family Farmed Defenders.  I’ll admit, that, perhaps, they’re a bit more strident in their causes than me (this is the East side), but they have great t-shirts and bumper stickers!  This weekend, expect also, granola from said bakery and some small-farm Wisconsin cheeses. 

Where do you plan on shopping at the Family Farmed Expo?


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