The Local Family News

November 7, 2008 at 3:01 pm

Rob Gardner

Odds, ends, and links galore.

  • Michael’s slipped this one in on you all, but he’s got some of our resources now online.  The best thing about the resources is that they are built on experience, not just on googling.  We, of course, welcome your comments and suggestions.
  • There should soon be another blogger sharing these squares.  One who will bring an exciting and challenging voice to the Beet.  Someone who will expand the ideas presented here.
  • I plan on being at Robin’s winter market tomorrow in Beverly.  I hope you will join me.  Normally, I would partake in the delicious brunch on offer (want to know how good the stuff is, eat it), but being down there, I am going to have to visit newly GNR crowned Top Notch Beefburger, one of my favorite places to eat non-local food. 
  • If you cannot make the Beverly market, you have one in Elgin on Sunday
  • Here’s what you will be able to get at the winter markets this weekend.
  • If you cannot make either of this weekend’s winter markets, you have many more within reach.
  • Green City will have things too on Saturday and for several more weeks.
  • Try to make Seven Generations Ahead annual dinner next Friday.  Seven Generations Ahead has done great things for the local food system in the Chicago area.  Recognizing that, the Chicago Tribune recently awarded its founder, Gary Cuneen, with a Good Eating award.  If that was not reason enough to attend, Local Beet contributor Melissa Graham will be cooking up the fare.  See if she’ll give you some canning tips.
  • Why so much fun in the far Western ‘burbs?  The Geneva “superstore” winter market is up and running this Saturday.  I believe they are taking orders there for Caveny turkeys, some of the best birds around.
  • In the same facility as the Geneva winter market is the Curds and Whey cheese shop.  Owner Rob is one of the most knowledgeable cheese guys around, and his selections of local cheeses are about the best.  He also makes frequent trips to Madison, enabling him to carry many cheeses otherwise unavailble in the Chicago area.
  • On the local/affordable front, I was at Caputo’s this morning.  They had several types of Michigan apples, including Ida Reds for 39 cents/lb.
  • Why root cellar?  To take advantage of those local apple prices, of course!
  • You will hear tons more about this, but all things local will be on display, discussed, and otherwise advocated for at Family Farmed’s upcoming Expo the weekend of November 21-23.  Yours truly will be on one of the panels.
  • There will be one last farmer’s market in Evanston on November 22.  More details soon.
  • Here’s another local family to follow.
  • He does it on the roof.
  • They do it all over.
  • Eat local fish.  Via my mom, Sunset Foods on the North Shore is advertising several Great Lakes fish this week (scroll down).
  • I may not be blogging, but I should soon have a feature up.
  • Anything else?

Have a great week.  Talk to you soon!