Can’t Quit Summer

October 14, 2008 at 8:10 am

Rob Gardner

I was really counting on some chill to take the growth out of our fruit fly population.  Instead, we returned to near summer temperatures.  I guess fruit flies be damned,  I am still in a warm weather kinda buying state.  Farmer Vicki’s Genesis Growers displayed several types of winter squashes.  I looked (in vain) however for her cucumbers.  My similarly backward looking wife sought and found thin Genesis eggplants so she could give another try to the Mado roasted eggplant with rosemary honey dish that she felt did not come out as good with globe eggplant.  Nichol’s offered rutabagas so big, they alone could feed the Local Family for a week.  I ignored them for more heirloom tomatoes.  I did not dwell too long on the fact that this was probably the last of Catalina Farm’s cherry tomatoes.  I just purchased.   Our friends at the Farm still brought sweet corn.  I had to talk my wife out of that only because we had no time allotted to cook them.  The Farm did feed my Summer habit with cukes and green beans offered for only a few pennies (it seemed).  Seeing the summer mirage, I even found nectarines at the Oak Park farmer’s market.  I am not ready to move on.

I may not be ready to move on, but I am not totally stupid.  I did buy a basket of peppers with the intention of letting them dry for winter use.  OK, I did make a few more accommodations for the coming periods.  My wife and I gladly took up Ellis’ Farm’s offer of $15 for a 1/2 bushel of mutsu apples.  They went straight to the attic.  Likewise, several pounds of Nichol’s Asian pears went to the basement fridge, not to be re-visited until the rest of the house fruit vanished.  We have yet to do much in the way of potato stocking.  We take baby steps towards next season.

We looked ahead.  We looked behind.  We did do a bit of buying in the moment.  We got arugula from Catalina, tiny roasting onions from Nichols, delicata squash from Genesis, seasonal berries, black and rasp, from Skibbes.  Our CSA box this week exhibited the same schizophrenia.  Many, many bell peppers, two pints of grapes, apples, collard greens, beets, radishes, several sweet potatoes, one big red onion, two medium kohlrabi, two roots of parsley with many, many sprigs on top.   Local pick-ups at Caputo’s include mint and Yukon Gold potatoes.  It remains a good time to be a local family.

Last week’s purchases here.  Complete picture here.


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