Between Two Worlds

October 7, 2008 at 7:38 am

Rob Gardner

Last week, I took both of my advices.  I clung to the summer, and I bought for the winter.  Before explaining, let me briefly update on the quest for accessible, affordable local food.  My wife and I did a brief run at the Caputo’s in Elmwood Park yesterday.  We could still find much local food including bosc pears–my wife just adores these pears; watermelons, apples, eggplants, various peppers, the serrano’s were so absurdly low priced that I bought thirteen cents worth.  Speaking of absurd prices, locally grown sweet corn could be had for ten cents an ear, but maybe like you, I was a bit too suspicious to buy.  On the other hand, I’m holding out on the green tomatoes until they come down more from their price of 99c/lb. 

As I said, we both looked ahead and looked behind last week.  At the Eli’s Cheesecake Farmer’s Market, we purchased heirloom tomatoes for now as well as keeper tomatoes bred for then.  We got a bunch of summer squash at Maxwell Street and a few winter squash in our weekly CSA.  Apples came from the CSA, from Nichol’s at the market and from Whole Foods.  They have been segregated, some for current eating, some for later eating.  We have done the same with our pears from Caputo’s and the CSA.  Onions need hoarding.  The two in the weekly CSA box were not enough.  We purchased several tropea from Nichol’s (because that’s what Mado uses my wife says).  The beauty heart radishes from the CSA box can lay comfortably in the veg bin for a while, safe, as the kids’ lunches now feature the more transient cherry tomatoes left from last week.  The collard greens from the CSA box will have to be eaten sooner than later.  Same with the red peppers from the box, unless I suspend them in oil (after roasting).   In the category of now, there was fennel, baby lettuces and arugula from Nichols, hot peppers, cauliflower and tomatillos from Maxwell Street.  It’s a pretty busy time for this local family.

The complete tally of local food available in the Bungalow is listed at Vital Information.


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