Opening Open Produce

September 24, 2008 at 8:38 am

Opening today in Hyde Park is Open Produce, a store dedicated to providing fresh, sustainably produced produce to the community at affordable prices:

We focus on sustainable food production, whether that be organic growing methods, local production, or efficient transportation.

The interesting twist with Open Produce is not that they’re an independent store, but rather that they’ve made a commitment to be completely transparent with all aspects of their business:

Our company also strives to set new standards of transparency and accountability to the community; everything about our operation, from our financial data to where our produce was grown, will be available on this website or in our store.

As movements towards eating sustainably gain momentum, price concerns come to the forefront. I love Open Produce’s consumer-oriented approach and I hope it means a lot of success for them.

Follow their blog at: and visit Open Produce (after 4pm on 9/24) at 1635 E 55th Street.