Chicago Public Radio on CPS Local Lunches

September 16, 2008 at 8:11 am

As part of their long-running Chicago Matters series, Chicago Public Radio reports today on a pilot program to bring fresh (and in some cases, local) fruits and vegetables to Chicago Public School lunches.

It’s an interesting and comprehensive piece that touches on nutrition and health standards, fuel costs, food supply, tastes of children, and even simple food preparation issues. It all stems from this simple statement:

Last year the district and its main food service company Chartwells Thompson Hospitality decided to put fresh fruits and vegetables on the menu twice a week.

I applaud CPS for taking on this challenge and confronting the associated issues head on. Systemic changes, especially related to eating, are not easy and often find resistance from surprising forces.

For anyone interested in how social services close to home are confronting issues related to food, this Chicago Public Radio piece is worth a listen (or read).