We Eat Meat – Part I

August 22, 2008 at 9:51 am

Rob Gardner

Yesterday, I noted that local food consisted of more than fruits and vegetables.   I want to add, nay emphasis that local food means local meat.  I admit that when my family and I took the challenge of eating locally, we did not fully commit to local meat.  We did this for costs  As I will explain in a subsequent post, costs can be a problem, but there are ways to deal with the problem.  We eat local meat.

All the reasons Michael laid out for eating local, mine, the generic top ten, apply to meat as much as anything you eat.  Look at local meat the other way though.  Things you want in meat: lack of hormones and antibiotics, natural diet, breeds meant for deliciousness.  This you will find most easily with local meat.

Rick Bayless tells a good story about his customers wants and needs.  He notes that his customers send back his chicken dishes more than any other dish.  He realized that his more timid customers tend to gravitate to chicken, an apparant safe choice.  Instead, they get local chicken, brimming with all the life and flavor real meat affords.  This shocks their palate.  It tastes like chicken!  Who knew.  Hence, the occasional bring-back.

This local family wants its chicken to be chicken, its beef to be beefy and its pork to be loaded with streaks of porcine fat.  We want our animals raised ethically and humanely.  We do not want the chemicals of battery production to go into our bodies.  We eat local meat.


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